Life Book 2015 Week 14

The lovely Alisa Burke shared a lesson with us today on how to draw inspiration from our local environment in Field Journaling.  If you get a chance, go visit her, she has beautiful projects and classes.

She taught us how to draw a ‘feather’ but I decided to draw and color a Dutch Bantam Rooster I saw in a calendar.  What better subject for a feather than a rooster, don’t you think?  Tamara had a lesson on drawing a feather in one of her other classes, but her approach was very different.

As usual, I used watercolor paper and my new QoR watercolors – they are fantastically vibrant, but I think I already said that in a previous post, LOL.  I first started with a watercolor background then drew the rooster lightly with a pencil and started adding the different colors.  I’ve always wanted to try the technique of using acrylic paints on top of watercolor inks, so I went to town with different brands, like Lumiere light body metallic acrylics and Viva Precious Metal Colors so the feather would have that shiny look I love so much.  I outlined everything with my black micron pen.


I also decided to add a red and a blue feather so I could use my metallic paints.  The picture does not show the beautiful effects, but I think you get an idea.

Here are close-ups of the blue and red feathers:



I stamped another feather that has script on it and “Shake a tail feather,” a Unity Stamp.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting Week 15 this same week.

Happy crafting, and thanks for visiting!

One thought on “Life Book 2015 Week 14

  1. Beautiful colours and textures. I love how your rooster turned out and your feathers are splendid. I enjoyed that lesson and now I’ve got the field journaling bug. I’m sitting sipping my tea and watching birds visit the feeders in my garden and thinking I should draw them in my art journal. I look forward to seeing your response to this week’s lesson.

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